Isle St-Jean: The Expulsion of 1758


The end of the journey for many Acadians resulted in the establishment of a new place to call home or the return to Isle St-Jean many years later. For many however, the journey resulted in the loss of family, harsh relocation conditions, or the inability to return home. This site aimed to acknowledge the story of the Acadians and inhabitants from Isle St-Jean, and the importance of their experience in history. The expulsion came with hardship and loss for many innocent families, and reflects not only the challenging times that war and colonization can inflict on all individuals, but also how this people's history is much more complex than we once might have thought. 

Much more research can be done on the lives of those deported from Isle St-Jean, and the details of the expulsions, which leaves behind only opportunity for others to pursue. This potential calls for historians, both professional and local, to delve further into not only the interactions between the Acadians and their colonial occupiers, but the many Indigenous allies and Acadian families who aided the former inhabitants of Isle St. Jean in their journey. Moreover, scholars can undertake greater research in the role of women and specifically how Acadian women were significant throughout the expulsion. This site has only scratched the surface of such a complex and interesting history of the inhabitants from Isle St-Jean, but many options for further research can add other dimensions to this valuable study.

The presence of Acadians on Prince Edward Island (Isle St. Jean) goes back almost 300 years, yet Acadian culture and spirit is thriving. Today, Acadian culture is very much alive and well. Many festivals and activities are promoted and celebrated on Prince Edward Island in order to pay homage to the humble Acadian roots. After surviving 300 years against all odds, the Acadians have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments and be confident in their future. We sincerely hope our project can contribute to the rich mosaic of Acadian heritage on Isle St. Jean. Thank you for learning with us!


Creative Team (HIST 4P11 Class of 2020)

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